'90 Day Fiancé's Ashley and Manuel Dabble in 'Sex Magic' | Oct 16, 2023


5 Intriguing Moments When '90 Day Fiancé's Ashley and Manuel Dabble in 'Sex Magic'

A New Discovery: In a surprising twist, Ashley and Manuel unveiled their interest in 'sex magic' during an episode, leaving fans intrigued.

Witchy Adventures: The couple's journey into sex magic introduced viewers to the world of rituals, spells, and mystical practices.

Experimenting with Crystals: One episode showcased them experimenting with crystals, using them to enhance their connection and intimacy.

Manifestation Rituals: Ashley and Manuel delved into the power of manifestation through sex, leading to some truly enlightening conversations.

Mixed Reactions: The couple's exploration of sex magic sparked both curiosity and debate among fans, proving that love knows no boundaries.