AI Roker Got Flustered by Cole Hauser on 'TODAY' Oct 16, 2023


5 Hilarious Moments When AI Roker Got Flustered by Cole Hauser on 'TODAY'

That Time Cole Hauser Showed Off His Ranching Skills: During an interview on 'TODAY,' Cole Hauser wowed AI Roker with his stories about running a real ranch. Roker struggled to keep up with Hauser's cowboy charm.

When Hauser's 'Yellowstone' Role Stumped the AI Weatherman: AI Roker couldn't hide his confusion when Cole Hauser explained the complex dynamics of his character Rip Wheeler on 'Yellowstone.'

The Awkward Exchange About Horseback Riding: Cole Hauser's passionate description of his love for horseback riding left AI Roker at a loss for words. The unexpected topic shift had us all in stitches.

AI Roker's Failed Attempt at Western Lingo: During the interview, Roker tried to impress Hauser with his Western jargon, but it only resulted in an amusing linguistic mix-up.

The Unforgettable 'Yellowstone' Spoiler Slip: AI Roker accidentally prodded Cole Hauser to reveal a 'Yellowstone' spoiler, leaving them both flustered and viewers eagerly speculating.