'American Born Chinese' Star Daniel Wu's Workout


Intense Cardio Workouts: Daniel Wu's fitness regimen kicks off with high-intensity cardio sessions. He loves running, cycling, and jump roping to boost his endurance.

Functional Strength Training: To maintain his chiseled physique, Wu incorporates functional strength exercises like kettlebell swings and bodyweight workouts into his routine.

Martial Arts Mastery: Wu's background in martial arts plays a pivotal role in his workouts. He practices kung fu and Brazilian jiu-jitsu to stay agile and strong.

Core-Centric Workouts: A strong core is essential for Wu's demanding action scenes. He dedicates time to core workouts such as planks and medicine ball exercises.

Varied Training Routine: Daniel Wu keeps boredom at bay by mixing up his workouts. From swimming to yoga, he embraces diversity in his training.

Mindful Nutrition: His dedication to fitness extends to his diet. He maintains a balanced diet rich in lean protein, veggies, and whole grains.

Rest and Recovery: Wu understands the importance of rest. He ensures he gets adequate sleep and incorporates rest days into his workout plan.

Personal Trainer Guidance: Daniel Wu often works with personal trainers who tailor his workouts to suit his goals and keep him motivated.