Angelina Jolie Makeup Tips 2023 | Different Eye Shape


Almond Eyes: Enhance your natural shape with a soft smoky eye and winged liner. Angelina loves this classic look for a timeless elegance.

Hooded Eyes: Use matte shades to contour the crease and create depth. Apply a lighter shimmer on the center of the lid to open up the eyes.

Round Eyes: To elongate, go for a cat-eye flick and use darker shadows on the outer corners. This creates a sultry effect like Angelina's.

Monolid Eyes: Add drama with bold eyeliner and curl your lashes for an eye-opening effect. Angelina often opts for this striking style.

Upturned Eyes: A gradient eyeshadow from dark to light will accentuate the upturned shape. Angelina prefers a soft, gradient smoky look.

Downturned Eyes: Lift the outer corners with a subtle winged liner, and highlight the inner corners to create an awake appearance.

Close-Set Eyes: Apply a light shadow on the inner corners and a darker shade on the outer corners to visually balance the space.