Blow Up Your Arms With These 9 Triceps Move


Tricep Dips: A classic move that targets the back of your arms, tricep dips are a must for building impressive arm strength and size.

Close-Grip Bench Press: This variation of the bench press focuses on your triceps, helping you achieve well-defined arms.

Skull Crushers: A challenging exercise that isolates your triceps, skull crushers are perfect for sculpting those horseshoe-shaped muscles.

Tricep Kickbacks: Don't underestimate the power of this move; tricep kickbacks help tone and shape your arms effectively.

Diamond Push-Ups: A push-up variation, diamond push-ups engage your triceps for a killer upper body workout.

Overhead Tricep Extension: Grab a dumbbell and work on your triceps' strength and size with this effective move.

Rope Tricep Pushdown: Utilize the cable machine to perform this exercise, and watch your triceps grow.

Tricep Rope Extensions: Another great cable exercise that offers variety in your tricep workout routine.

Bench Dips: Finish your tricep-focused workout with bench dips to target the often-undertrained muscles from a different angle.