Boost Your Bench Press With These Moves 2023


Incorporate the Flat Bench Press: Start with the basics by perfecting your flat bench press form, which is the foundation of a strong bench press.

Include Dumbbell Presses: Dumbbell presses help develop stabilizing muscles and improve balance, enhancing overall bench press strength.

Master the Close-Grip Bench Press: Narrowing your grip engages the triceps more, contributing to increased bench press power.

Add Incline Bench Presses: Inclined presses target the upper chest, complementing your overall chest strength for a well-rounded bench press.

Work on Shoulder Health: Strong shoulders are crucial for stability; incorporate shoulder-specific exercises like lateral raises and face pulls.

Strengthen Your Triceps: Tricep strength plays a pivotal role; prioritize exercises like tricep dips and skull crushers.

Utilize Resistance Bands: Adding bands to your bench press creates accommodating resistance, improving your power off the chest.

Try Board Presses: These partial-range-of-motion exercises help build explosive strength and overcome sticking points.