'DWTS': Jenna Johnson and Val Chmerkovskiy's Crash Course in Gen Z Lingo!" | 'DWTS' Oct 16, 2023


Lit AF: Jenna and Val get schooled on "lit AF" - a term for something incredibly exciting or cool, often used to describe dance performances that are on fire!

Vibin': The duo discovers the meaning of "vibin'," which signifies a great atmosphere and positive energy, something essential for their dance routines.

Extra: Jenna and Val dive into the world of being "extra," learning that it refers to someone who goes above and beyond in everything, just like their dance moves.

Tea: The partners spill the tea on "tea," which is all about sharing gossip or insider information - something they might encounter in the competitive dance world.

FOMO: Jenna and Val explore the fear of missing out, or "FOMO," which could relate to missing out on a dance trend or not keeping up with the latest moves.

Clout: The couple learns that "clout" isn't just for clouds but is about gaining popularity and influence, something they hope to achieve on the dance floor.

Flex: Jenna and Val flex their knowledge on "flexing," recognizing that it's not just about showing off muscles but also showcasing their dancing skills.

Snatched: The dancers embrace the term "snatched," understanding that it means looking incredibly good and nailing their appearance and dance style2.