Milan Fashion Week 2023 | Street style Over 40s


Bold Prints Take Center Stage Fashionistas at Milan Fashion Week embraced eye-catching prints, from animal motifs to geometric patterns, adding an electrifying flair to the streets.

Oversized Accessories Reign Supreme Statement accessories like chunky belts, oversized sunglasses, and exaggerated jewelry became the go-to choices for those looking to stand out in the crowd.

Sustainable Fashion Makes a Statement Eco-conscious dressing was all the rage, with attendees showcasing their commitment to sustainability through vintage finds and upcycled pieces.

Gender-Fluid Fashion Rules Milan Fashion Week 2023 celebrated gender diversity, with many fashion enthusiasts flaunting androgynous styles, mixing traditionally masculine and feminine elements.

High-Low Pairing Wins Hearts Combining high-end designer pieces with everyday streetwear, attendees mastered the art of high-low fashion, proving that style doesn't always come with a hefty price tag.

Mixed Prints: The fearless mixed-print trend ruled the streets, as fashion enthusiasts combined patterns with confidence, creating eye-catching ensembles.