Snacks And Treats Every 90s Kid Craved


Fruit Roll-Ups: These colorful, fruit-flavored snacks were a lunchbox staple, and peeling them off the plastic sheet was half the fun.

Gushers: Bursting with sweet, gooey filling, Gushers made snack time a fruity explosion of flavors and were a must-have in every 90s kid's pantry.

Dunkaroos: Kids couldn't resist the allure of vanilla cookies and funfetti frosting for dunking – a nostalgic treat that still sparks joy.

Squeeze-Its: The quirky-shaped, brightly colored drink pouches with fruity flavors were the go-to beverage for any 90s kid's outdoor adventure.

Bubble Tape: Unrolling this never-ending gum tape was a true novelty, and the bubblegum flavor kept kids chewing all day.

Lunchables: These DIY mini-meals were a lunchtime sensation, letting kids build their pizzas, stack crackers, and enjoy bite-sized sandwiches.

Fruit by the Foot: These foot-long fruit snacks were as fun to unravel as they were to eat, with flavors like wild berry and strawberry.

Nik-L-Nip Wax Bottles: Sipping sugary syrup from these tiny wax bottles felt like a secret candy mission for 90s kids.