‘Suits’: Sarah Rafferty on Donna’s Return, Flashbacks and Harvey’s Tough Call


Donna's Comeback: Sarah Rafferty, who plays Donna Paulsen on Suits, teased her character's return, promising fans a dose of Donna's wit and wisdom.

Flashbacks Galore: Rafferty hinted at potential flashbacks that provide insight into Donna and Harvey's backstory, shedding light on their complex relationship.

Harvey's Dilemma: The actress shared that Harvey Specter, portrayed by Gabriel Macht, faces a challenging decision that will test his character's integrity.

Donna's Evolution: Rafferty highlighted the evolution of Donna, emphasizing that she's come a long way from being just Harvey's secretary.

Suits Legacy: The actress expressed her gratitude for the enduring legacy of Suits and the dedicated fan base that still cherishes the show.

Behind-the-Scenes Fun: Rafferty also shared some fun moments and memories from the set, giving fans a glimpse into the camaraderie among the cast.

Strong Female Characters: She celebrated the show's portrayal of strong, independent female characters, with Donna as a prime example of that strength.

Navigating Relationships: Rafferty discussed the complexities of relationships in the Suits universe, emphasizing the intricate dynamics at play.