These Are The 10 Best New Breweries in the United State


BrewDog USA, Ohio: Known for its innovative beers and vibrant taproom experience, BrewDog USA has quickly become a top destination for beer enthusiasts.

Bearded Iris Brewing, Tennessee: This brewery has gained a cult following for its hop-forward, juicy IPAs and barrel-aged stouts.

Fieldwork Brewing, California: Fieldwork's dedication to unique, small-batch releases has solidified its place among the best.

Parish Brewing Co., Louisiana: The creators of the iconic Ghost in the Machine DIPA, Parish Brewing consistently pushes the envelope with their brews.

Tree House Brewing, Massachusetts: Loved for their hazy ales and excellent customer service, Tree House remains a craft beer gem.

WeldWerks Brewing, Colorado: Renowned for their innovative pastry stouts and sour ales, WeldWerks is a rising star in the craft beer scene.

TrimTab Brewing, Alabama: Their focus on experimental, flavor-packed beers has garnered attention both locally and nationally.

Resident Culture Brewing, North Carolina: Combining wild ales and IPAs, Resident Culture is making waves with their diverse lineup.

Great Notion Brewing, Oregon: Fruit-forward sours and hazy IPAs define this brewery, making it a must-visit for beer aficionados.