Video: Logan Paul, Dillon Danis Throw Bottles at Each Other at Pre-Fight Event


The press conference for the forthcoming fight between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis was fraught with tension on Thursday.

Danis approached the WWE star and smacked him with the microphone after Paul tossed what seemed to be a water bottle at him.

The two were kept apart by security personnel who intervened.

When the fight was announced during a press conference in August, a same incident took place. To "celebrate" Danis' 30th birthday, Paul had a cake fashioned in his image. He afterwards tossed a piece of cake at Danis.

Moments like this are frequently seen by fans with skepticism. How much of it is real, and how much is really a theatrical play to generate intrigue and arousal?

However, it appears that Paul and Danis have a very real history of animosity because the former immediately objected to any remarks made about his fiance. And that is just one aspect of their continuous conflict.

This Saturday's bout between Paul and Danis, which promises to be brutal, will finally take place.